What does a clicking jaw mean?

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🌱Painful clicking of the jaw is an issue of the TMJ. (temporomandibular joint)
🌱It most commonly happens with opening and closing of the jaw, and is generally more notable on one side.
🌱How does this happen? Well, there’s nothing really conclusive that causes it. Which is annoying.
🌱Common factors for our patients are grinding teeth at night(clenching the jaw) and stress (more jaw clenching). This can lead to headaches, avoidance of certain movements, and avoidance of eating food you love.
🌱When you have jaw pain, lifestyle factors like chewing crunchy foods (nuts), foods that you have to tear (jerky, steak), chewing gum may have to be modified temporarily.
🌱Physio treatment involves and assessment of the strength, mobility, and flexibility of the neck, jaw, shoulders, and upper spine.
🌱We can provide external and internal release of the jaw muscles, acupuncture, exercise, and loads of education and lifestyle modification.
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