We are treating our patients in person on May 4th!

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The clinic is open again on may 4th!

We are sending you a quick update about how we plan to operate at the clinic:

🔶 It’s going to be the same as how we were doing things prior to being closed a month ago.
🔶Everyone will be asked screening questions the day before their appointment.  They can be found on Manitoba Health Links website.  If you pass you can come in.  If you don’t, you can’t.
🔶Only one person in the clinic at a time.
🔶 Everyone will need to wash their hands upon entry and leaving.
🔶If you require a caretaker to attend or need to accompany a minor for their appointment we will need to ask you screening questions as well.
🔶We cannot have you bring your child in with you for your appointment if you don’t have childcare.  We realize this makes things difficult for some, but it is temporary.
🔶We will be wearing masks while at the clinic and will have a mask for you if you wish.  Caitlin will be wearing gloves for each Patient.
🔶All guidelines given by Manitoba Health will be followed to a tee.

Do not fret if you dont want to come to the clinic just yet.  No problem!
🟢A few patients have preferred to continue their treatment with digital physio, and that is what we will do.
🟢That is the beauty of doing online physio.  The show can carry on no matter what.
🟢We will continue to offer online physio because we know there are many people still needing to stay close to home, or protect their vulnerable loved ones, or don’t have two hours in their day to drive to and from an appointment.
🟢We are here in whatever capacity is best for you!

That’s all for now.  Call us at 2047684876, email us at info@ctphysio.ca if you need absolutely anything.

Have an awesome weekend and continue to stay safe!

Thank you so much to all of you for your support.  We are so grateful to serve this community!🙏