The little things are the big things.

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I believe if we (we is physiotherapists in this context) need to make a shift with how we help a patient succeed in their goals.


I believe that the things we shrug off, say ‘meh’ too, think ‘oh it’s no biggie’ are the things we should be putting the most focus on. These are the game changers for success.


What in the world am I talking about now?


Let’s say a patient wants to be able to have a painfree shoulder.


We set some goals. We make a plan. Do exercises three times a day, come to the clinic twice a week, you’ll be sore for a bit, we will take good care of you.


Ok, that’s cool. Sounds reasonable. Sounds achievable.


But….are you sure about that?


Now this patient wants to do their exercises first thing in the morning, but they hit snooze. Meh. It’s freaking freezing outside. I’m tired. 10 more minutes. They do it a few more times that week. Meh.


The exercises don’t get done.


This patient says, ‘Ok, I’m going to set a reminder to adjust my chair at home, I’m going to move around a little bit more in the evening, and it will be great!’.


But they came home from work and were really tired. It was a hell of a day. ‘Oh crap, I completely forgot to set a reminder on my phone. Oh well, it’s just one day. I’ll do it for tomorrow.


And then you get distracted because your kid reminds you at 6 p.m. the school fundraiser money is due tomorrow. Sh*t, better get on that, I’ll do the exercises later. No biggie.


No reminder set. A week flashes by in the blink of an eye and nothing is accomplished.


Those decisions that we make in a microsecond completely transform our day. They have the power to dictate your success, or your lack thereof.


That’s why those microdecisions need to be looked at as epic gamechanging decisions. The ripple effects are massive when you think about it, right?


Focus on the simple things, focus on the situations that can cause a ‘meh’ moment, and work as best as you can together to always keep moving forward in a very swervy, twerky, upside down process!


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