Pelvic Floor Physio now in Ashern!

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Physiotherapist Jenna Trittart – originally from St. Martin – is joining our team to provide pelvic floor physiotherapy services for the community! Her first day is October 3, 2020!

Do you……
Pee a little when you laugh, run, or jump?
Are pregnant or have had a baby?
Have to pee 10 to 20 or more times per day?
Don’t make it to the bathroom on time?
Wondering if you have a pelvic organ prolapse?
Have pain with sex?
Have not had kids, but still have some of these issues?

Pelvic floor physiotherapy can help with all of these issues! Jenna is highly trained to address all of these issues and improve your wellbeing so you can life live as it’s meant to!

Book online, call us at 204-768-4876 or email at to get your appointment today!