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Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common injuries we treat. It can be as simple as a sore, stiff achey back and can be as complex as crippling pain that shoots down your legs preventing you from moving without excruciating pain. No matter how your level of back pain affects you we are able to take you every step of the way and empower you to take control of your back pain and recovery from your injury.

Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain presents itself in many different ways: wear and tear over time, tendonitis, sports injury, workplace injury, etc. The problem can be in one local spot, or it can even affect your neck or different parts of your arm..even your grip strength. Pain affects everyone uniquely: from an annoying ache or pain, to difficulty lifting your arm up, or even simple little things we take for granted like being able to put a shirt on or style your hair.

Other Treatments We Offer

Manual Therapy

This is a hands on approach to mobilize or manipulate joints, which physiotherapists are highly trained in post-graduate education. This technique has been proven to be extremely effective in alleviating dysfunctions.

Repetitive Soft Tissue Sprain/Strain Injuries

Performing a task repetitively and consistently for a period of time can result in pain, limited mobility, and limited function on bones, joints, muscles and ligaments.

Chronic Low Back Pain

Associated with pain being present for more than 3 to 6 months. Physiotherapists are highly trained to take all present health conditions into consideration when treating chronic pain to affectively and safely address the route of your pain and dysfunction.

Taping and Strapping

Taping of a body part can be an excellent contributor to treatment to provide additional and temporary support and stability you need to heal and recovery.

Arthritis Assessments

There are many different types of arthritis that can affect the joints in varying ways, with the most common issues being stiff, achey joints associated with inflammation and joint warmth. Your physiotherapist can help assess.

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Common foot injuries and pathology include Achilles tendonitis, plantars fasciitis, and heel spurs. An assessment of the whole body is taken into consideration to provide you with a bigger picture.

Bone Density and Osteoporosis Education/Treatment

Physiotherapists are trained to identify factors that may make an individual at risk for decreased bone density and osteoporosis. We work together to provide a lifestyle program included activity modification, education, and home exercise program to ensure the healthiest and safest life for you!

Custom Orthotics

When appropriate, orthotics can be an excellent addition to footwear to help address lower leg and foot problems. A detailed walking assessment and biomechanical analysis of your entire lower extremity will be conducted, and a plaster mold of your foot will be taken. We work with Paris Orthotics based out of Vancouver who fashion the mold into a custom orthotic.

Balance/Risk of Fall Assessment

For the aging population, seemingly insignificant trips and missteps can lead to catastrophic injuries. We are able to screen for risks of falls and can provide direction in terms of exercise, lifestyle modification, footwear, and walking aids to ensure you are safe from risk of falls!

Nerve Pain

Those uncomfortable tingles, burning, shooting pain, and numbness can often be linked to an orthopaedic dysfunction that physiotherapy can help restore through manual therapy, soft tissue work, and home exercise program.

Therapeutic Home Exercise Prescription

There is very limited access to fitness facilities and this is taken into consideration to ensure rehabilitation exercises are relatable and realistic to perform in your home environment.

Additional Services

Pre/post surgical rehabilitation, Return to work programs, Worker’s Compensation Board of Manitoba (WCB) claims, and Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) claims.

Digital Physiotherapy

Digital Physiotherapy is meant for those who require physiotherapy treatment but cannot access our clinic in Ashern, Manitoba. Learn more about this amazing new treatment option from C.T. Physiotherapy!
What is Digital Physio?

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