Medications and Physio

Caitlin MilljourArticles & News

Why DO we ask about medications?
This type of question isn’t asked a lot, but you’ve probably thought it at one point during your assessment, and it’s absolutely a good question!
Some underlying health conditions are personal, and some people may be shy at disclosing some information.
So… Why is it our business? What gives?
Prescription medications can have side effects that may affect your plan of care when coming to physio.
Meds can cause poor activity tolerance, contribute to joint or muscle pain, and some can cause dizziness or headaches.
Yup! Some of the meds you take can actually cause you to be more sore. Crazy, hey?
And if meds make you dizzy, we certainly won’t be giving you balance exercises to start!
If we don’t know what prescription medication you’re taking, then it can be at the detriment to your recovery.
Now, we ONLY need to know about medications that are pertinent to your care, and at the end of the day, we will never force you to disclose information that you don’t want.
Hopefully that paints a picture of why we request certain information from you!