Lost momentum over the summer? These 3 tips will help get it back!

Caitlin MilljourArticles & News

It’s hard to believe school has been back in for a couple weeks and September is almost over!  A lot of us have spent the last few months taking it easy and getting out of routine. The new school year feels like a fresh start – like another New Year!

Now is the perfect time for you to get back into the swing of things, and get the momentum of your healthy habits back! Here are a couple tips to boost your efforts!

1. Lower your expectations – to start 
Been out of the game for 3 months? Absolutely expect to not be able to start right where you left off. Give it time, and you should be performing at the level you were at in the spring before you know it.


2. Be consistent 
As much as possible, do your activities at the same times/days. That way you’ll be able to schedule your other activities around your commitments.


3. Treat it like self care
Taking 20 minutes to yourself to go for a walk, or hammer out a quick workout has a double benefit: you work towards your wellness goals, and  you have a little bit of “me time” which is super beneficial to your mental health!

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