It’s my first time at physio…what can I expect?

Caitlin MilljourArticles & News

So, what exactly is going to happen when I come see you for a #physio appointment?

I liken our clinic environment to that of a coffee shop. It’s a bright, cozy feeling. Expect to get greeted by a friendly face. You’ll likely see a few other people visiting and working on their own programs.

I immediately begin to get a feel for you, even more we get start with your appointment. Do you seem nervous? Are you in do much pain you can barely move around? Are you not sold that this is going to do anything for you?

How you feel and how you are that day will determine the direction that your appointment will go. No two appointments are the same. That’s because every one of us is different, we all have different goals, and we all process pain differently.

You can imagine how it would go if I was to enter the room and greet you buzzing with energy and enthusiasm, eyes wide and excited to help if you were feeling vulnerable and anxious. It just doesn’t work. That wouldn’t fit with your needs that day, and it would amplify what you’re already feeling.

The ultimate direction is identified when we find out how your issue is affecting you. Have you started avoiding the things you love, which makes you depressed? Can you no longer sleep, which makes you cranky?

The magic happens in the little details and with HOW you answer questions, not just what comes out of your mouth. Ultimately, you leave with a clear plan and direction to reach your goals!