Day 9/30 Look the facts, not the feelings

Caitlin MilljourArticles & News

Another day, another lightbulb about using time effectively.

My days at the clinic are intense.  The constant go-go-go is something I definitely thrive in, and I give 100 percent to each patient.  I am a ninja.  But as soon as the work is done, my brain is a puddle.

Where I’ve been fooling myself  (not just over the past 9 days, for about since I’ve been working in Ashern..sooo 7 years)   is the thinking that I don’t need to set a concrete time of recharge.

What happens is that I go home, tell myself I need to eat and then just end up procrastinating about getting anything done because I’m not doing something to charge my battery.

What instantly flips my switch from puddle to production is exercise.  Which is the last thing I want to do when I’m tired.

I’ll look at this as another opportunity to look at things for what they are, not what they seem.  Movement = very good.  Getting glued to the couch = very bad.

When I put it like that, life is just so much less complicated! That’s what I’m talking about.

Until tomorrow