Day 7/30 Your thoughts are listening

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I’ve been catching myself complaining about things that I have very intentionally signed up for.
Talk about being my own biggest problem that ripples out and brings down every single aspect of my day.

This is why I like doing this program. When I really try to figure out why I am the way I am in a particular moment, I find the opportunity to become mentally stronger.

The key is being brutally honest with myself. Which always stings.

I’m not saying I’ll never not complain about anything.  I am saying that I can channel those feelings into something more positive and productive.

I also can look at things objectively for what they are. Case in point: last night it was 9 pm and my computer died. It’s an old girl and takes 15 minutes to load up. and was like chicken little with the sky falling.  I wanted to relax and watch movies instead.

Next time, I’ll just tell myself to chill, it’s just 15 minutes and life is so burdened.  Good grief, Charlie Brown.