Day 6/30 Speaking your truth

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I’m creating these posts in my website blog (which you should totally check out at

I’ve never committed to posting daily reflections in my life.  Today is feeling cringey.

It’s getting really uncomfortable and I notice myself feeling icky about posting.  It’s hard to post honest stuff and not just the glamour shots.  Do people think I’m weird?  Is what I’m doing dumb?  Cue the skin crawling discomfort.

Interestingly, I just found a draft in my website blog from 2017.  It was speaking to a reflection of working one year full time in Ashern. It’s pretty good!

I didn’t post it because I chickened out.  It was too vulnerable for me at the time.

Buuut, if I dig a little bit deeper into it, I was only willing to post things that gave me validation from other people…aka da likes on social media.  I was too scared to put myself out there.

If I look at anyone I admire on social media who has accomplished admirable things in their lives, they all speak their truth.  They don’t hold back. Because they know what they stand for and what their values are to continue moving forward.

Admirable things to me don’t mean big, flashy business, millionaire things. Sure, that’s something I strive for, but I also really connect with people who are just trying to figure their shit out and move forward honestly with their health, families, and general lives.

If I can’t put pen to paper and feel confident talking about my values and what I believe in, how the hell do I move forward?  Well, I can’t.

So, onwards I go into the cringe.

Until tomorrow.