Day 30/30 What now?

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I’ve made it through the 30 days.  Where did the time go?  The feeling is rather anti-climatic.  It’s because the work has already been done.  The reward isn’t in reaching the finish line. It’s alllll the stuff I’ve had to go through to get to the finish line that makes it all worth it.

That is why doing these sorts of things is really important to me. Call me crazy, unrealistic, call me whatever you like and lecture me however you please. I really don’t care.

None of the lessons, insights, growth, and change would have happened if I hadn’t continually put myself in a place of discomfort.

I continually show myself what I’m made of, and I continually show myself that I am capable of more and more.

So, into the fire I will continue to go.  It’s going to be a gongshow, but it’s going to be amazing.

Thanks for following along with me, if you have.  I really appreciate it!  I’m excited to keep moving forward.