Day 25/30 Tough times define who you really are

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I’ve been pretty over this whole 30 day thing this week.  Energy levels, I’m just over it in general, I’ve been in a bit of a lull.

If I only made decisions or choices when the going was good, it would in no way define my character.  Life is easy breezy when the going is good. Nothing can really take you down.

Who am I when I feel things are really trying to take me down? (That’s  a bit dramatic and not an accurate interpretation of life right now, but it sure paints the picture)

I believe that one split second can define a person.   When the going is tough, what is the decision?  Quit,take the easy way out,rest on your excuses.  Or do you dig deep, get gritty and carry on no matter what.

I also believe that a split second decision can define a day, a week, a month, and even a year.

Do I choose to go down the rabbit hole of defeat?  Or do I choose to move forward even when it feels like I’m in quicksand.

I felt a bit like a rabbit hole, but I didn’t let it sink me.  The reward is too great knowing that I have the capabilities of pushing through.

Off I go, moving forward

Until tomorrow