Day 22/30 Clear head, full heart, can’t lose

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I couldn’t find something that moved me to write this morning.

I decided that I would let the words come to me.

And, lo and behold, they did!

A Facebook memory popped up from two years ago, which is how I found my words.  It spoke to moving away from the city and the ignorant pity that I received: ‘How do you have a life living so far away from everything’.


Oh contraire, mon ami.  Leaving the rat race of the city and away from the tricks and treats of the city has shown me how to literally love life by walking down a gravel road.

Yesterday, Jon and I were walking and talking.  I said I really loved living in a place where three cars passing by you is considered a lot of traffic.

I ‘only’  have the sound of no traffic (can you imagine only hearing the breeze and birds singing?), fresh air, and an open road entirely to myself.

That means I only have the moments of that place and time.  It forces me to completely slow down and actually be present in that moment.

The noise clears, the head clears, and the heart opens.  Life doesn’t necessarily make more sense in those moments, but things definitely feel like they are where they are meant to be.

Clear head, full heart, can’t lose.

Until tomorrow.