Day 19/30 P is for procrastination

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I crossed everything off my list of to-dos today with zero procrastination.  No putting things off, no getting distracted.  It was an amazing GSD day.

And I feel Ahhhhhh mazing! Everything about today is going so well because I am not allowing myself to get mindlessly distracted.

It begs the question:  If I know what the outcome of procrastination is…anxiety, frustration, stress…then why on the green earth do I do it?

I think I know the answer.  Everything I procrastinate on is something that is not relaxing and ideal.  Paperwork, taxes, exercises when I’m tired, getting up early, making meals for 3 hours on the weekend, you name it.  It’s all just ‘meh’.

When I read that again, I may as well revert back to toddler status.  Not wanting to complete things because I don’t want to is the equivalent of children stomping their feed because they didn’t get their way.

So that’s pretty rediculous and makes me feel like a tool. And then when I hear myself saying ‘Oh, there just isn’t enough time in the day’, I want to hurl (as in vomit) at my delusion.   Who am I trying to kid?

In the land of ‘authenticity’ being super trendy, I should start saying ‘I fucked up with my horrible time management because I got sucked into my phone looking at cat videos and cupcake tutorials aaaaaand chose to pet my cats instead of getting what I needed to get done.’

I’m choosing temporary comfort for majorly long term discomfort.  There is zero reward.

Spelling out my procrastination out loud leaves me shaking my head. I’m better than that.

And now I stop fooling myself and continue to move forward.

Until tomorrow.