Day 18/30 Balance. What is it supposed to be?

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To me, this word is illusory.  By definition, it means being in a state of equilibrium.  I haven’t met anyone that has found that.  Self-employed, parent, student, blue-collar, white-collar.  There is always give and take with the scales swinging to one side or the other.

Parents have kids in school, running around all hours of the evening with extracurriculars, managing a home keeping dependents alive.

Students have homework, exams, and the stresses and long days that come with a life of books.

Single people getting started in the world are figuring their shit out with how to adult.

Everyone is busy.  Everyone gets pulled in multiple directions – based on the life path they have chosen to go down.  This means the state of perceived equilibrium is going to be different for every single person on the planet.

I work all the time. It’s the path I very willingly walk down. When I say that, 8/10 people will say to me ‘That sounds terrible! I can’t imagine a life without some balance’.   Sure, I can’t remember the last time I worked less than an 8 hour day, but that doesn’t mean I can find a moment to reset.  Different paths, different perceptions, right?

I love the path that I’m on. I deeply believe that the harder I work, the luckier I get.  The more I learn, the better skilled I am, the more problems I can solve, the more people I can help, the more fulfilling my life is, and the more secure my future is.  I just feel extreme gratitude that my wild ride of life gives me those gifts.

If my life ends tomorrow (because shit, you literally never know), I’ll have no regrets about my unbalanced, yet balanced life went.

Until tomorrow.