Day 16/30 Don’t underestimate the effort it takes to make a change

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I’ve been sharing lots of great lightbulbs during my Phase 1 process.

It feels so good to get that shimmer of insight!  Woohoo, now I can move forward! I am limitless!

Until you start to put it into practice. When you have a long day and went to bed late.  And then you’re tired.  And you’re cutting calories so you’re cranky.  And you feel like your tank is empty.

Limitless feeling gone.  Cue the urge to sit on a couch and hang with my cats all evening.

It goes to show that making change is like a building a muscle. It takes time, effort, and repetition.  I don’t know why I always think that it will just automatically come to me.  Hellz to the no.

It’s about making a plan and sticking to it.  Today I’ve had to talk myself almost hourly to stay focused on what I need to get done.   I’ve been bombarded with ‘Oh, something shiny!’, ‘Ooh, Squirrel!!’, ‘Ughhh, I don’t wanna’ moments today and it has taken very rote focus to stay..well..focused.

It makes me feel a bit better when I remind myself that it’s not supposed to be natural to implement change.

However, there’s only so long that those reminders are valuable.  There comes a time (aka now) where I need to tell myself to get over it and get on with it.  I mentioned before how time stops for no one, but it also doesn’t care about your feelings.

So step up or shut up.  Win or wallow.  Move forward or move backward.  Make life bad or make life badass.  Either way, I get to choose.

Until tomorrow.