Day 12/30 You have to keeping doing the doing

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‘You need to do the doing without seeing the result of the doing’.  – Alex Hormozi


That one hit me like a pile of bricks into the face.  I’ve been noticing a lack of patience creeping with getting back to my gainz after the ol’ appendix gutting.

I also look at other professionals in the health space and absolutely have symptoms of ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’.  ‘Wow, look at how well they are doing.’.  ‘Dang, their space looks amazing’.

Never giving myself enough credit, always dissatisfied with the current situation.

I believe there is fuel to gain from dissatisfaction.  There is no shame in wanting to strive for more.

There is an issue though when your goalposts aren’t in proper alignment and you’re focusing on an outcome, not on the actual process of moving forward.

My goalposts will constantly be changing with the rhythm of my life.  If I am only focused on that, I’ll never be happy with how far I’ve come, what I’ve learned, what I’ve contributed, and the impact I make.

All the stuff that happens within the process, not in the final result.


Until tomorrow.

(P.S. This post was inspired by the podcast ‘The Game’.  You should absolutely check it out.)