Are YOUR boots made for walking?

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Meghan – Admin Extraordinaire! – here. I’m taking over this post a) because I can, and b) because I have real life stories that you’ll relate to!

Once the snow was gone from the road (the first time) I got back out walking and hoo boy! It was not as easy as I thought it was going to be!

I might be a little biased, but I don’t think you’ll find many better places for epic sunrise and sunset pics!

Are you in the same boat?  Are you thinking: how the heck am I so sore from just walking?  Isn’t this supposed to be easy?!

Read on!  These tips and tricks will be a game changer to get those boots walking without pain!

  1. Gravel roads are rougher on our bodies, just like they’re rougher on vehicles
    100% this! Pavement is smooth, level and flat. Gravel roads are everything but those things. There’s bigger rocks, pot holes, ruts, puddles, the list goes on
    All of those things don’t seem like a big deal, but will make muscles work harder than if you were on pavement
  2. Footwear is important – You don’t have to go out and get the fanciest shoes on the market. As long as they are in good shape, don’t have holes and fit well, you’re good to go! If they don’t, you may as well invite pain and disappointment to your walk, and have walking dreams flop.

  3. Start slow – Don’t expect to be able to go 5k your first time out
    When I first started my walking journey over a year ago, I set out to walk some crazy distance. When I tapped out at ¼ of the way through that I was so disheartened that I quit altogether for a while.  Slow and steady wins the race to prevent injury and giving up!

  4. Aches after are normal
    A couple weeks ago I pushed myself a little harder. I felt great, but my legs were like jelly and the muscles felt like they were screaming a bit. I went for a shower and by the time I got to work everything was good!
  5. …But Keep an eye on any extended soreness
    I went out Monday morning, didn’t feel  great, but nothing horrible. A few days later  there’s more achy tightness than there should be on one leg, and I think I’m going to need a bit of assistance to find the right ones to make this crap go away. Good thing I know someone that can help with that!

If you’re experiencing any of the same things I have been we can help you here in the clinic! Summer is short and you need to feel great…now! We will absolutely cheer you on in your journey!

One of the only days that I haven’t had to wear a toque on my walk

To recap:

  • Gravel roads are rougher on our bodies, just like they’re rougher on vehicles
  • Footwear is important
  • Start slow
  • Aches after are normal
  • …But Keep an eye on any extended soreness
  • Summer is short and you need to feel great NOW!

Shameless plug time

Can you relate to anything I’ve been saying?

I’ve been going on about my experiences with my wellness journey here, and if you want to keep following, I am posting about it semi-regularly on Instagram. If you want to follow along I’m @ctphysiotherapy.mdef

Yours in Wellness,