Are “Quick Fix” plans all that and a bag of chips?

Caitlin MilljourArticles & News

I get so fired up about quick fixes, you know the ones: ‘CURE PAIN WITH THESE 3 EXERCISES!’, ‘GET ROCK HARD ABS IN 30 DAYS!’  😤


Because there is NO such thing as a quick fix, particularly with injury. And no one talks about it. Why? Because it sucks! It sets people up for potential failure.   Endless frustration.   Hopelessness.

But it’s the reality for everyone. And it’s ok. And oh-so-normal. It’s overcomeable, I promise. But, the reality is that getting stronger, fixing pain, losing weight, etc is hard. It takes more time than you think. Everyday life complicates routines.  (eg. after school activities happening again and parents starting up their second full time job as chauffeur) Changing routine and adding exercise into your day is a huge adjustment if you’ve never done it.

Folks that read these quick cures are often at their wits end, and then think there is something wrong with them when pain that has been around for weeks or months doesn’t disappear in one physio visit, or after doing the three magical exercises.

My biggest piece of advice here?

Pain-wise, if something doesn’t feel right get it looked at right away, and by a professional – like a physio ☺️☺️ It’s important your health team has supports for when you hit a hard spot or plateau, and it seems like there is no end in sight. Because it will happen. And you’ll need responsible and supportive help in the moments.

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