A new hybrid way of treating patients !

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A patient had an appointment booked first thing in the morning today, but her truck was in the shop. She couldn’t get to the clinic. .

Unfortunately, we only had availability to see her in person two weeks from today. 😭 .

That’s no bueno for her amazing progress, and would have left her waiting a month before her follow up. .

We set her up on a digital physio appointment for the same time today to keep up with the momentum! .

No setbacks today, folks! .

She were able to progress her exercises, correct her movement patterns and improve her mobility by the end of her session! .

Man, I love this platform. It’s so cool to be able to help out our patients, anytime, anywhere! .

Whether you’re in Self isolation, snow days, traveling out of town, vacation, training at the gym….we make it work! .