8 Tips to Gain the Most out of your Physiotherapy Visits!

Caitlin MilljourArticles & News

Are you ready to make your physiotherapy session the best you can make them?? Read below to learn how to do it in only 8 steps!

1.  Do exactly what I tell you to. I’m highly trained to help you alleviate your pain and reach goals.  Your homework shouldn’t be taken lightly if you want to feel better.

2.  Don’t expect to reap the results if you aren’t doing the work.  If you don’t change what you are doing then how you are feeling won’t change either.

3.  I can tell when you aren’t doing the work even if you say you have.

4.  Don’t expect results to come overnight.  This is a big one.  With all things instant gratification in our world it’s important to know that changes to our bodies take TIME.

5.  Focus on what you have gained and not what you still haven’t obtained.  Positivity is key!

6.  The longer things have been bothering you the longer it’s going to take to resolve.   Expect to be in it for the long haul.  It will be worth it!

7.  Be conscious of the benefits that come with improving your wellbeing!  Decreased risk of chronic disease, less strain on joints, improved confidence, improved quality of life…the list is endless.

8.  Expect to be frustrated from time to time and remember why you’re doing this.   Big changes come with big challenges, which are often frustrating.   It’s normal to feel this way….just don’t give up!