10/10 Perspective

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Time waits for no one.  Every day it feels like I’m smacked in the face with how quickly time passes.

Phase One means my days are packed, but holy shit the days fly by.  I’ve blinked and 10 days have passed already.

The faster time goes, the deeper the importance of making each day count is to me.  You just never know what tomorrow will bring.

I used to give a sour grapes look to inspirational quotes or people saying to be grateful for what you have.  Be grateful you are alive.   I gladly told them (just kidding, I just thought it.  Super passive aggressive, right?) to take that gratitude and shove it up.your.ass.

My days have lots of pressure, but the pressure is a privilege.

My days are long, but that means lots of people trust me with their care.

I get up at an ungodly hour, but that’s because I have the means of having a home gym, and the ability to move my body.

I hit my head on my pillow with a full head because I am grateful for my life.  Grateful to be here and be alive.  It’s kind of like a miracle, no?

No shit.  Those fluffy inspo people were on to something after all.