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Does this sound like you?

  • Have you had back pain for years and are just used to it?
  • Does pain seem to come out of nowhere?
  • Is your dysfunction preventing you from working? Playing with your grandkids? Heck, even putting your socks on or brushing your hair?
  • Do you feel defeated and feel like no one can give you the answers you need?

C.T. Physiotherapy can help you overcome all of the above!


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We offer physio services for your family. From injury to MPI & WCB claims, we have you covered

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The team at CT Physio ensures that you understand exactly what is going on with your body.  We talk to you straight forward in language you understand to ensure you know exactly what to expect for your recovery.

We are passionate about ensuring you reach your goals and you will be in the absolute best of care for each visit. Get ready to live life as it's meant to be!

Physiotherapy helps you get back to living the life you want.

We are able to assess how you move and give you a plan to get back to what you need to be doing, whether that is being able to keep up with your grandkids, be able to work pain free, or finally start that exercise program that you haven’t been able to do because you hurt.

Life is put on hold when you can’t move the way you want to.

You can trust that we don’t just look at our patients as someone with a sore back or shoulder. We take into consideration all the ways that your life is affected, help you understand what is happening to your body, and create a completely customizable and achievable plan to ensure that you are able to reach your goals and life live as it is meant to!

When is it Time to Come to Physio?

There are many, many reasons to come to physio! I will share one of my favourite reasons to start! Here we go!

Something feels off. This is the number ONE most important time that you NEED to come to physio. This is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t working properly. Think of when you get a cavity: it doesn’t happen overnight. The tooth breaks down gradually overtime and then BLAMO! Seemingly out of nowhere you get tooth pain!

It is the same thing for the body! If something feels stiff, tight, there is a twinge of pain when you move, your back is sore at the end of a day at work… NONE of this is normal and is your body’s way of saying, "Hey! Something isn’t working properly!". Get in to see physio ASAP and it will prevent you from having a big, massive episode of pain where you may have to take time off work or not be able to do your regular day-to-day activities.

Meet Caitlin Milljour, Physiotherapist

Caitlin Trakalo - C.T. Physiotherapy in Ashern, MBCaitlin’s journey to becoming a physiotherapy started long before she started her Master’s of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Manitoba. In 2008, she was in a devastating quad accident in Corfu, Greece where she broke both of her ankles. The next 4 years involved 4 surgeries to both of her ankles, and extensive physiotherapy.

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Physio for Remote Communities

We're Now Offering Digital Physio!

Digital Physiotherapy is meant for those who require physiotherapy treatment but cannot access our clinic in Ashern, Manitoba. We are offering this service to cater to people working and living in remote communities – for example: people who work 3 weeks on and 1 week off shifts. We’ve had success with in many remote Manitoba communities!
Learn About Digital Physio

Physiotherapy. Do it for you.

A direct, honest approach to treatment that takes your primary goals into consideration. A full, detailed biomechanical and functional assessment is completed where time is always taken to ensure you fully understand your injury and the direction that needs to be taken to move forward. We then work together to get you back to your goals


Chronic Pain Treatment

Physiotherapists are highly trained to take all present health conditions into consideration when treating chronic pain to affectively and safely address the route of your pain and dysfunction.


Acute Injury Treatment

An initial assessment will completely screen your injury to ensure you are appropriate for physiotherapy, and can rule out if further medical attention is warranted.


Custom Orthotics

When appropriate, orthotics can be an excellent addition to help address lower leg and foot problems. A detailed assessment and biomechanical analysis of your entire lower extremity will be conducted

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